Where do I begin...

I am called MOM by my four unique and beautiful children. I feel so blessed that I have been lead to create unique items from home where I can raise my littles as they continue to motivate me to be better and more creative every day... 

I live in a beautiful golf course populated area in North Carolina, and if I was a golfer, I most definitely never have time for crafting, BUT, to your benefit, I am horrible at golf! You're welcome! 

I have a serious love for Farmhouse Style, Interior Design, Decorating, DIY projects are always a daily must do... I strive to be human...and superhuman, and to give my customers and friends a fun, enjoyably, affordable prop shopping experience! 

Proudly, I did client photography; Newborns, Weddings, Families Children you name it... For about 7 years. This helps me in my prop creating world, to know what will work and what is a no go.

SO!!! Browse, Shop, Oooo.. Ahhh.. Love life, Be beautiful.. and HAPPY SHOPPING! 

                 XOXO MUCH LOVE XOXO

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